Saturday, February 18, 2012

Put In The Work

Kristin Frey, elite tower racer who won the 80 floor Aon building race for the women with a time of 10 minutes and 48 seconds, summarized at the end of her blog on the experience:

"My races aren’t a fluke; I’m putting in the work and seeing the results. I’m not a millionaire; I don’t sleep in an altitude tent. I’m not taking some kind of magical potion either. I’m tiny and a vegan but I eat a bunch, I have a square of dark chocolate every day and go on cereal and nut butter binges every night.  I just put in the work, that’s why I’m faster! :) "         

I have a very long way to go.  I don't say that judgementally, or at all discouraged.  More... realistically!
Having never been an athlete, or for that matter not having worked out for 57 years, there is nothing about what I'm attempting that comes naturally.  

I've set a goal, intellectualized it, read up on the sport, watched countless videos for inspiration, and I train with one of the fastest elite stair racers, Jesse Berg. 

Tower racing requires a mental commitment to suffer what it takes to get to the top faster than the next person.  You definitely have to want it, in order for your mental response to be, "Yes, keep going, push it!" in spite of the physical stress.

However, no amount of mental preparedness, reading, watching, listening, writing, desiring, or aspiring can prepare one to be competitive in this sport. 

Kristin says it all:  "I'm putting in the work and seeing the results." 

I'm 57 years behind in experience -- the experience of knowing what it is like to work this hard, every single day on physical fitness, on becoming better and better physically from intense workouts...over and over...and then over and over again, without breaks, without losing focus.

This is my steepest learning curve.  Though I'm not there yet, I slowly gain ground with each step. 

Grateful, I count on great role models daily for direction and inspiration.

Carisse and Palani in California -- living out their faith daily, along with their dedication to helping others, and rising each day to the challenges of their own physical fitness regimen in order to pursue their dreams.  Runners, creators, trainers, motivators.  Though far away, their light shines a great distance.

Donna -- my former trainer, returned to her corporate career.  She now balances work, with her life as a wife and mother of three elementary school girls, and continues impressive participation in marathons and long-distance relays...also continually joining her partners in morning's wee hours before work for long runs.

9/23/11--18th Annual US Bank Tower Run-Up in LA.  Jesse Berg was the Elite and Overall winner in a time of 9 min. 38 sec

Jesse -- what strength he possesses in humble dedication to his faith, his family, his clients, and fellow stair climbers!  What amazing accomplishments, wisdom, experience and quiet guidance I benefit from as we share the hours of personal training!

Harold -- my husband had heart bypass surgery in 1988 and was told the bypasses typically last  six to eight years before collapsing.  One did collapse six years later.  It's now 2012 and he is still going on the other one!  At age 60, he plays basketball at 5:00 a.m. two mornings a week, and tennis once or twice a week.  The other days, you'll find him working out at the gym before work.

I don't have a clue how to dedicate myself to the kind of work it takes to be a competitive athlete.  At the same time, I do have every opportunity to learn.


...and becoming...

life is full.

Click here for Kristin Frey's blog:   run fast, climb high


  1. Cheryl -

    I feel honored that you mentioned one of my quotes in your blog! Thank you so very much. you are doing a great job with your climbing so far, youre only gonna get faster. youre an inspiration to me!! :)

    1. I just saw your comment today. Slowly getting back to my real world routine:) after getting in from Vegas at 5 a.m. today. Going back through my blog entries... it's good to read your quote again! I'll be in the gym tomorrow morning. Hope I have enough to give to the Presidential Towers race after the traveling, etc.